Using ground screws, a stable foundation can be created, within a fraction of the time needed for a traditional concrete base. There is no need for digging and concrete building, and there is no technological break. Ground screws are galvanized steel elements used for creating foundations, perfect for transferring the load of the building to the ground. Ground screws can also be used to create point-bases or strip-bases. It can be utilized diversely, both for temporary or permanent applications. It can be used in nearly any kind of ground, earth, sand, gravel, clay, rocky ground, wet environments, or filled-up soils.

Advantages of using ground screws:

  • the foundation creation is fast, precise, and reliable
  • no digging, groundworks, or extracted material shipping needed
  • no set-up time required, the ground screws can accept a load after installation
  • can be applied under extreme weather conditions, including below zero Celsius temperatures
  • installation time is much faster than normal concrete
  • no environmental damage during installation and removal
  • unscrewable, reinstallable
  • different ground levels can be easily bridged
  • can bear loads from 300 to 7250 kgs
  • installation can be done manually up to a depth of 1m, for longer screws, machines are used

The ground screws are made of galvanized steel, in many different sizes, so that a proper loard bearing capacity and connection type can be chosen for every application. Keyco compact houses are installed with Krinner M-series screws.