In 2017, the compact house factory and knowledge center named KEYCOHOUSE was founded at Mathiasz Innopark, Balatonvilagos, at the former plant area of Traubi soda (a traditional Hungarian grape soda). Our goal is to design and manufacture high standard, prefabricated ’compact’ buildings and to create products of exceptional quality, using durable materials.

Keycohouse has its own, integrated solutions for design (building permit), marketing, sales and manufacturing (both within factory and on-site conditions).
The uniqueness of the product comes from the high-quality CLT material, (stands for Cross Laminated Timber), that is used to make the structure of the houses. One module consists of 6 preconstructed panels, that are joined to form the structurally rigid and durable base framework, with outstanding insulation and soundproofing properties.
The product of KEYCOHOUSE is proof, that using solid wood in construction, is not a constraint. On the contrary. It offers alternatives that are flexible to design with and create a healthy environment so that it can quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of the city structure. This building could be the solution to the diverse, continuously altering housing market.
They can also be utilized as  commercial accommodations (glampings, campings, standalone apartments), offices, social and medical institutions, galleries, studio apartments, pop-up stores, or other commercial buildings (festivals). It can be installed nearly anywhere for both temporary and long-term usage.

Our Future
CLT based technology used in our houses accomodates future environmental protection policies, sustainability requirements, decarbonation processes and is an alternative solution to the domestic shortage of masonry experts. It also represents an element of new-wave architecture: the increasingly popular prefabricated, dry-construction technology