The SOLO compact house incorporates the advantages of modern, modular construction, the usage of high-quality eco-friendly materials and the comfort given by smart space utilization in just 30 square meters. The single building unit with a CLT (cross-laminated timber) structure can hold a two-person home, holiday house, or office. Preconstructed in our factory, and delivered to the building site, the unit can be installed within a day, offering a quick, ‘ready to move into’ solution. Available in slanted and flat roof versions. Can be ordered with a green roof, decking, multiple types and colors of both interior and exterior sheeting, solar panels, solar collectors, and many more extras, so that our every customer can be presented with a solution that satisfies their needs.

>> Starting price: 530.000 HUF/m² + VAT
>> Starting prices are subject to change due to current EUR rates