Our standard designs and prices include the following technical details and properties:

  • ROOFING – slanted roof: 0,6mm pre-folded metal sheeting (LINDAB SRP), flat roof: BAUDER roof insulation sheet, optional green roof with drainage mat.
  • EXTERIOR SHEETING – combination of LINDAB sheeting and wooden planking, or HPL sheeting and wooden planking.
  • INSULATION – mineral wool, 12cm in the walls, 16 and 17 cm on the roof and floor.
  • DOOR AND WINDOW FRAMING – base price includes a high-quality, thermal bridge free profile. Wooden or metal profile choices are also available, as extras.
  • DOOR AND WINDOW MATERIAL – 3 layered glass (ESG-VSG-FLOAT glass)
  • FLOORING – module PVC, engineered flooring, laminated flooring, or carpet can be chosen up to a gross 7000 HUF / square meters, in the basic price.
  • INTERIOR WALL SURFACES – the basic price includes the walls and ceiling with visible oiled CLT surfaces, but tapestries, vinyl materials, or custom design surfaces are also available.
  • TECHNICAL SYSTEMS – hot water supply: ARISTON – VELIS electric boiler; water system: 16mm plastic, 5 layered, pressure jointed water system, in-wall toilet flush tank, sewage system: 50mm, 110mm PVC piping.
  • HEATING – basic price includes electric heating panels (ADAX), optional: electric floor heating (CALEO)
  • AIR CONDITIONING – inverter wall split air conditioner
  • BATHROOM – AREZZO, GEBERIT, SAPHO, BOUGNATESE sanitary equipment, basic price includes HPL shower cabin siding, optional: hard finish

During our design processes and construction, we work with all materials found in the construction industry (except traditional construction materials), the use of which is only limited by the customer.